Tuesday, August 26, 2008

**Ok before I go into anything I'm SUPER SUPER mad because me trying to be a little genius tried to upgrade my BB and the application definitely WIPED my shit out, SO! Please Please PLEASE re send me all your contact info. when ya'll get the moment, would so appreciate it!

OMG..Why? Why? Why?
Ron Browz is peoples buttt whattt the fuck is thisss?!?!? Team Blackout? For real?

Brandy- First N Love (In it's entirety)

This song is kind of crazy, like VERY crazy… The words basically sum up my last situation…Ugh.

"Thinking I was with you all the time and then I upped and change up, You know damn well you had my mind, Sure you had my time- gave us all I had to give…Give us time give us space, give it love and don’t give it hate... I wish I could take the pain away but I cant, You see me loving her and I know what you're thinking girl, I shoulda been loving you…"
The Dream- Should've Been You

Donnie Klang "Just A Rolling Stone"

Don’t know about this album but I do like...
Hurth That Body*,Pick It Up*, Catch My Breath*,

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