Thursday, August 21, 2008

Missing In Action, once again.
Sorry people---this week has been super long and I sincerely apologize :)

Iffffff I did blog this week here's what I wouldve blogged about.

Estelle "Pretty Please" LOL Good times right here.

Ace Hood f/ Trey Songz "Ride"

*Ya'll already know I LOVE this song, and now I love the video too, I must say LOL I hate commenting on anyone but Chris--(which by the way has another song leaking called "Flying Solo" f/ Andre Merrit(whoevertThat is LOL) on here but Trey doesn’t look too shabby!

Kanye West f/ Tpain- Go hard
This song right here is so on POINT…Think I need to place this everyday to help me get by, True Story

I'm really feeling this Herve Leger skirt, like reallllyyy contemplating that $550.00 for it LOL Even though I saw some cheaper ones for like 200.00 ughhh so confused!
My GF wore it first a couple weeks ago but Dawn wore it this week at TRL and I literally wanted to rip it off of her!!

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