Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear Fashion...

Kay sooo D'Andra aka My birthday twin asked to do a little guest blogging on her Vogue experience and here goes. FYI she modeled for Sephora too! So proud of you dude!!!

Ok so VOGUE ITALIA (Italian Vogue Magazine) had their first EVER issue of vogue which celebrated Black Models for the month of July. When it hit the newsstand it went as if they were giving away free Money&Gas. They had to publish more because this is HISTORY mannn. Bout time..
It featured old models, young models, and up and coming models to watch out for.

Guess who had a super huge (14 i think pages) spread?? miSs TOCARRA! thanksss!

Tyra Banks decided to do a show celebrating Black models, which airs Sept.11, 2008, and Im on it!!! Not as a guest of course but in the audience. Tyra continues the end of the show in the street where hundreds of spectators, press, paparazzi were gathered to watch the super models walk it out for all Black models out there. As the audience exited the building to watch, guess who got chosen to walk it out with them? DeeDee !! lol Ok so here goes Pics from the paparazzi pics. Im all the way on the far left in the black dress and leopard heels...
Here are some pics from the day of the models themselves

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