Thursday, July 31, 2008

Soooo Cece is complaining that I don't update my blog enough so I'm writing this one for the little fashionista aka SHOWROOM MANAGER lol
Today must've been THEE* boringest day ever. Like, I had things to do but soooo wasn’t tryna do ANYTHING…On the other hand, yesterday wasss beyond fun! Everyone knows I'm a Chris Brown advocate so I def made my way into the private event Wrigley's held to promote their new jingle (featuring the one and only :) and promote their new SLIM PACK gum.

Also, went to Estelle's shoot for "Pretty Please" and I must say I had some good times after I overcame my camera shyness, had a good ol' time loving Jackie Long from afar---lol, met some cool people who I thought would be airy and full of themselves but def turned out to be the TOTAL opposite…Guess people in this industry arent as bad as I thought…LOL Siiiike, "Industry rule number four thousand and eighty, record company people are shady" D U H !!! I know that shit FIRST hand.

Went to this for a little bit (how I got there, don't ask lol), but def missed Trannity Kane ugghh

Jazmine Sullivan is on the rise & I'm super pumped for her, ready for her album to drop!
Lions, Tigers & Bears

Speaking of upcoming albums Lloyd's "Lessons In Love" is a good treat for your ears lol taking that back (so retarded). Can't say that it's better then Street Love cause that ish right there was a CLASSICO…but it's definitely good.

Party All Over Your Body

Angela- Center Of Attention….No comments--Reminds me of Tiffany Evans video a bit.

Just Listen...

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