Friday, April 4, 2008

Wow! So I was on concreteloop today, wasting time ya know? and saw these amazing "alter ego" portraits from David Blanks...dope shit.
Check the rest out

Feist "I Feel It All"
This video is sooooo EFFIN coooollllll and funnnn!!! Someone get me some barrels and fireworks, cause some ruckus in my backyard lol

Lace put me on to this UH MAY ZING! song a month or so ago? anyways, I found the video on the tubular you go, fall in love people. This is going to be my wedding song lol
Justin Nozuka- After Tonight

Lastly, my husband, [YES lol we're still married duh] premiered "Take You Down" [the you in that song is me FYI in case no one knew] on 106th & Park last night. Enjoy! Cause I sure did...wonder if this is the MSG show?

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