Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'll Dance 4Ever With Youuuu

1st leaked track off the rerealesed album "Exclusive" definitley T-Paining on this one but it's all good! and I find it pretty hilarious when he says "all you gotta do is watch me, look at what I can do with my feet" lmao thanks!
I likeeee though, makes me summer happy :)

C Breezyyy- Forever

(Madd teefus in this pic lol)

Heard this song is happppening out of the country(Lace, I heard they're playing the shit out of this song at Dock lol)Thanks to my cousin for putting me on...
Gosh I miss jump rope...double dutch especially :(


zILLa said...

I can see Moreno dancing off beat in my mind :) OWW

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