Sunday, April 20, 2008

And they be likeeee

Summer is almost here anndd yeah I'm pretty excited, I'm so over the cold weather!!
This week was pretty perfect...summer dresses, late sun downs, new flings, cars blasting music....Love it all, Cheers to Summer '08, Hope it's as good as Summer '06!

My new summer fling down yonder--T Y G A (who I first discovered after many hours of thinking and searching in one of The Pack I'm such a stalker OMG)
This video is kindaaaa funny--The Wayne cameo! K U D O S!
FYI-- I saw somewhere that Tyga is Lil Wayne's artist....any troof to that?
Tyga- Coconut Juice

Is she really 14,15? Her voic is dumb STRONG! LOL.
Album isnt bad though...reminds me of Ciara and Jojo's 1st album actually. Cute stuff :)

The lovely Lauren London in Jewel Magazine :)

Sooo this right here...IS MY SHIT!!! Had to let everyone know that I have to listen to this song EVERYDAY!

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