Saturday, December 22, 2007

Face Off??

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Why in the hell does Bow Wow think he is T.I./Lil Wayne??? Like seriously it upsets me because I like the "girlfriend" song it's cute, but at the end when he boasts about the shit he has is likee 'seriously?! shut the fuck up!' and then all the SHIT he popped in this ''Road To Fame" special??!! likeee dudeeee this album is a bad knock off of 'Best Of Both Worlds' clearly! andd its sooo cheeesssy like I can only sit through 4 songs lol gee wiz!!!! Sorry for my bad mouthing but I popped this in my boombox (after Lace almost chucked it in the garbage LOL) and had to shut shit down ASAP! I loved O some odd years ago but sheesh....sheesh no words now... 2 lil mid-gets!

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