Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Roc Boys

Chris is out today!!

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So is Jay!!

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Shit! I love this song & the video THA-HANKS! Great choosing with the kid who played Young Jay, Dude had everything down to the T. Mariah looks like a groupie (sorry)—best shot is Jay w/ Diddy and Nas…and if they don’t continue this video I’m gonna HAVE A FIT!!!


I LoVe yOu aLL :)

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j o s e. [ caNnOn !] said...

Young Jay was phyne til I saw his teeth :-/

leave Mariah alone...[[she does come off as a groupie though]]

&&I'm maad as all hell his "boyfriend" came out in the video...where's B??..LOL I thouhgt that was her puking in the toilet towards the end...hmm