Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Listened to my Chris Breezy's album today on MTV’s The Leak...

1st off the fact that there are 16 songs is a plus off the back (even if they all aren’t good) just because a lot of the albums that have recently came out have been like a total of 13 tracks not even a bonus track! Kind of disappointing but yeah kudos on that…Anyways, there were a couple songs I didn’t care for but then there were songs that I was definitely feeling,
fave-os are starred*. Overall, the album isn’t garbage…took long enough to come out but it’s not bad and I’m not saying this because Chris & I are confirmed to wed soon LOL, but he has grown up alot since the last album(which I enjoyed a lot fyi) lyrically & vocally...I will be buying Nov.6th—along with American Gangster of course! :)
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Track Listing
1. Throwed* [the drum line feeling going on is kinda c0ol]
2. Kiss Kiss Ft. T-Pain
3. Take You Down* [loved this song since he performed a snippet of it on 106th over the summer…very sexy song, kind of prince-ish too]
4. With You*[the beginning of this sounds like Rihanna’s “Hate that I love you”-- if you’ve never been in love, this song will direct you straight to lovers lane. Gosh, I love when he says ‘lil mama’…if you don’t say “aw” after this song then something is wrong with you]
5. Picture Perfect Ft. Will.I.Am -SKIPS-
6. Hold Up Ft. Big Boi -SKIPS-
7. You* [there was another 'You' that did'nt make the last album that shoulda made it but whatever both you's are good, plus I think this is a dream song]
8. Damage* [typical “I cheated on you and I know fucked up but now I want you back” joint]
9. Wall to Wall
10. Help Me
11. I Wanna Be*
12. Gimme Watcha Got ft. Lil Wayne
13. I’ll Call Ya* [I like the snapping :)]
14. Lottery*
[Holllly Snapp! I can't stop listening to this song!! Out of all the songs this is the one I've repeated the most! Like the production of this 1 is sooo H O T & I LOVE the way his voice sounds woooo!]
15. Nice Ft. Game
16. Down Ft. Kanye West* [cute song, Ye’s verse is cool]

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I’m probably one of the BIGGEST loser ever-- but everyone knows how religiously I watch “The Hills” and there’s always at least one DOPE song featured on the show that I end up loving but I never know the title of the show. So what I usually wined up doing is playing and pausing out the song so I can write down the lyrics and after I do that I Google it and search through whatever matches up…But! Now MTV has a tab on “The Hills” section where you can look up music from the show!!! How cool is that!?!?!

Aint this a bitch?! I love pistachios and I was fiendin for them today and Duane Reade charged me $6.99 for a bag of those lil muther efferz!!

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Des bka Deej! said...

see, normally people would be hype off of the john legend or lupe (it is ill by the way, an i love the non chalant attitude around the celebs lol) butIs that Lyor Cohen?! Here comes big money!