Sunday, September 9, 2007

V M A's

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Where do I start...Ms. Britney, I think Im still in denial. The fact that she was opening was way more major then her actual performance...Very disappointed, but I mean what else could I expect from her bad extensions to her big belly...just B A D. She looked dispassionate, she looked unexcitable, her energy level was below 0 point blank.((songs not bad though))
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ANYWAYS! I was a lil dubious about the lil side parties during the show. Not only did it make me a bit jealous of all the fun every1 was having and how swanky it all was (shouts to Ce for saying that she'd sell any one of her friends including me to be at Kanye's Good Life Party)
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But! it didn't give me the whole award show granted it was exciting, but I thought these suite parties were going to be before or after parties, not actually going on during the show. AGAIN! Don't get me wrong the suites rocked! Just took away from the whole show in my opinion....So yes Chris Breezy was greeeaattt!
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the whole Charlie Chappman entrance was kinda dope and Rihanna performing with him was coool--even though I wish he woulda done his Cinderella remix but whatever...Im hella tired of his Jacko routines (i love mj! dont be misled.por favor)...very proud of his overall performance though, and the Diddy and Nelly approvals topped it off. So! LOW BLOW of the night definately goes to Justin Timberlake--"Mtv needs to play more videos we dont wana see all these reality shows" yes he is right. Approvals to the more videos comment, but how do you say that with the cast of 1 of MTV's biggest reality shows on stage...I would've ran off crying true story...poor girls.
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Back to my synopsis---Rihanna and FOB= AWESOME, This was def her year ear ear ear eh eh!
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A Keys- glad she's is back because her new song is beautiful. W H O A! Did anyone catch the transvestite dancer during Nelly Furtado's performance?!
Vegas I tell ya...--Justin is still remarkable.
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These 3 together= problem
And that is the show! Over & Out!


Anonymous said...

okay soOoOoOo where do i start about this VMA thing....okay soooo im still waiting for that big hyped up "Britney Spears" performance i saw some train wreck with a really bad weave open the show but...oh wait that was Britney huh???? was like a car accident that u dont want to watch but you cant turn ur eyes away...
yea and i value our friendship but it def would have ended it for access to at least one of those parties...but i do luv ya shanaB.

OMG I LOVE CHRIS BROWN...thats all im going to say about him cuz uhhhh i need to go change my panties real quick....

....okay im back with a new set on and yea JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE totally played "THE HILLS"and MTV reality...the M is for MUSIC right?

yea to wrap this up A.Keys performance good,her pants,although, were a bit too tight for my liking a bit yeasty...totally peeped the drag queen with NELLY...and did you see how BEYONCE made her like grand exit after getting her award PAHAHAHHAHAH was that not funny...RIHANNA looked AMAZING...NICOLE that it???? yea all her dresses were awesome and the PIECE DE RESISTANCE LIL WAYNE..with her and FOB awesome...and by the way LIL WAYNE doesnt know her last name either...

DOPEgrlCE like that name dopegrlSB???

j o s e. [ caNnOn !] said...

VMA'S this yeeeaaarrr kiddd!!!!!!
WHAT?!?!?!?!....dope dope DOPEEE!!
..leave Brit alone is all I gotta say..praise J.T. for his comment even though I'm an addict of reality tv..&&transvestite!!!..LMAO I thought I was the only one who caught it..I was questioning myself...haha...GRRRREAT SHOWWW mann