Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Please Say The Baby.

I purposely waited to blog about my Wayne experience this past sunday because I needed ya'll to see this Pussy Monster video,that is just hilarious!! It's kinda shaky but it's a must see. I can't wait untill the song leaks ahh!! Weezy definately did his thing this weekend...I can truly say that he has NY on lock rigt now because the response from that show was bananaz! So much diversity, and the energy! It was just great! Kanye came out and I almost had a heart attack because I sooo wasn't expecting that Juelz came out too which wasn't a shocker and Ja Rule came out...Ja, yeap... DOPE SHIT!.
Pussy Monster--Fellas take note! LOL I love it when he gets all vocal..LA LA LA

Oh Kanye! How I Love Thee!

SMH! At Him & Ja Getting Arrested Afterward.

On another note...my horoscope today is pretty effin crazy,because its 1.0.0% true.WHOA!
A new wave of emotions has flooded into your awareness, bringing uncertainty to your plans. Although you might prefer staying at home and reconnecting with your inner world, you must perform a major balancing act between your professional and personal life. Even if tensions ease, it doesn't necessarily alleviate the necessity to deal with an important long-term issue.

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