Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Alota people weren't too happy about the outcome of it but I must say I loved it! i don't know if it was the overall excitement of this whole music biz thing I'm trying to do or because I knew my homie Raps was in LA shining like a diamond going hard with the Atlantic artists :) or just because the show was just good to me period! I'm not going to say it was the BEST BET awards show to date but indeed it was a good one.

Lets Recap :)
-Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday great opening! Even though I was a bit skeptical about that being the opening...J Holiday made some mean ass faces and she has an incredible voice but egh Dream girls opening? I feel like I've seen a million award shows.
-Nick Cannon will be corny FOREVER and that should be engraved on his tombstone.

-T.I.'s energy effin AMAZING! I don't know what it is about him when he does but gee wiz! Hes so full of excitement and brings so much positivity to the stage,he definitely rocks out with his cock out lol I wanted to do like 8 cartwheels when he stood up and spoke about the whole Luda thing...Kudos to him for being the bigger person =)
-Neyo's performance was nice and mellow no complaints, as an artist I truly do love em.

-Egh to Diddy & Keyshia's performance...kind of boring if you ask me...I mean cool that Lil Kim came out but yeahh who cares.
-Beyonce...what an entrance...I think she got best performance for the night..((well her & Ciara))HANDS DOWN! Her lil butterfly thanks! I was gay for like 1 minute lol...LOVED that she bought out her 3 bestees! Definitely killed it but what was Kelly thinking when she tried doing the 'Uh O' dance during her performance..ouch =(
-Robin Thicke...dope guy times 10 but uhm I feel like he does & wears the same thing every performance.

-50 and his technical difficulties uhmm... what happened?? Like for real what happened? GO BET! always a fuck up somewhere...he didn't look to enthused anyhow but Oh well. FYI Yayo got played during T.I.'s performance who peeped?!
-Diana Ross definately deserved her award...beautiful kids...dono about the older daughter tho who is allegedly Barry Gordy's daughter as well??? WOW I'm a young'n I know.
-Ahhh Ciara!...my respect for her sky rocketed thru the roof when she ended her performance next to Bow Wow...Such a tease that was so planned! Love it...& Chris Brown showed his true age last night when he hyped the situation up more I saw him miles away turning to BW.. that was such a 16 year old thing to do....definitely had me rolling though...funniest thing I saw last night true story.
So overall! I am definately one of the few who enjoyed the show! =)

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j o s e. [ caNnOn !] said...

so0o you liked everything I didn't....LOL how'd that happen?